Time for a Health Check!

Get your MS Teams under control with Powell Teams

The governance of your Microsoft Teams can often be overlooked. But with Powell Teams DASHBOARD, admins like you can see a snapshot of key factors relating to the health of your Teams.

The dashboard also serves as a home page for admins to track what's important to them, such as the number of teams with guest access, a register of inactive groups, and visibility of Teams that don’t have owners.

Get a FREE Teams Health Check from Enlighten Designs and find out how your MS Teams tenancy can be governed more easily.

Reduce the number of teams created per employee by 50%
Save 80% of the management time accross a team lifecycle
Reduce the number of harmful teams by half

Have you checked the health of your Microsoft Teams?

Watch this quick video to learn more about our process using the Powell Teams app.

What's in it for me?

Get a full scan of your Microsoft Teams tenant from a governance perspective. In just a few hours, you will know:

The number of Teams in your tenant
The number of potentially "harmful" Teams
Teams with guest access
Teams with missing owners
Inactive groups (90 days)
Public Teams
Free 14 Day Trial of Powell Teams

Get a FREE health check today and get immediate insight into how you can optimise Teams for your organisation.

Discover where you are with Teams Sprawl

As an IT admin in charge of Microsoft 365 & Teams, you find that Teams adoption comes with challenges: too many unnecessary teams are created, employees complain about feeling lost, you’re unsure if Teams are secure and compliant.

Powell Teams scans your Microsoft Teams tenant and provides a health overview:​

- How many teams in your tenant​
- Identify potentially "harmful" teams: guest access, missing owners, inactive teams, public teams

Get your Governance Score and perform Quick Wins

Get a review of the results and understand how you compare to other organisations using the governance score​.

Take immediate action and achieve quick wins by addressing the most harmful teams: 

- Change privacy settings
- Ask teams owners to remove unnecessary guests
- Archive inactive teams

Improve your Teams Lifecycle Management

Powell Teams assists IT admins by providing templates & automation:​

- Ready-to-set governance​
- Life cycle management​
- Business processes in Teams

Time for a Health Check!

Get your MS Teams under control using Powell Teams

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